apple of my pie

IMG_1628Who doesn’t love a good slice of apple pie? If you don’t then I am confident in saying there’s something seriously wrong with you and we may have to just part ways here and now. However, if you agree with me, let’s continue. I’d first like to add though, that I do not however, agree with putting vanilla ice cream with your pie. If a pie is well made, it can stand on its own two feet and doesn’t need a sweet, cold, easily melted counterpart oozing toward it on the plate. Don’t get me wrong, I love ice cream, but there’s a time and a place and on the plate next to apple pie is not that place. Can you tell I don’t like my food to touch? But that’s another blog for another day. If you’re not already mad at me for my ice cream rant, you may get mad now…I don’t have a recipe for my apple pie. A good apple pie is truly so simple that if you just throw the right ingredients together, its bound to be delicious. First you want to start with a good crust. Of course homemade is always better but who has time for making their own pie crust when the store-bought version is really almost as good? Next comes the apples. Most old school apple pie aficionados use all Granny Smith apples but I’m not a huge fan of those green packages of extreme tartness so I just throw one in for good measure. The rest of the apples are usually Gala or Pink Lady. I like to use about 4 apples in my pie so 3 red and one green. After peeling and slicing the apples into thinish wedges, I put them in a bowl with a few tablespoons of cold diced butter, a pinch of salt, a healthy dose of cinnamon, about 1/2 cup of both white and brown sugar, touch of nutmeg, and, last but certainly not least, (as this is the true secret to a good apple pie)….flour. Why, you ask? The flour acts as a thickening agent to bind all the juices together and thicken them so the pie isn’t too runny and you don’t end up with a soggy bottom. hehe. It’s a delicate thing adding flour because too little and it does nothing, but too much and you can taste the flour, which is never good. So usually a few tablespoons and you’re good to go. Once everything is combined, pour it into your pie plate (which should already be lined with a layer of crust) and cover with crust. Crimp the edges as you desire and if you have a little dough left over, I like to make a little design on top, like the tiny hearts in the picture. Your oven should be at 400 but before you slide that baby in, here’s another little trick I’ve discovered over the years. Some people like to brush their crust with an egg wash. Not this girl. I use cream! Or milk. Either works. Pour a little bit of either one into a measuring cup and brush over your crust (don’t forget the edges!) with a pastry brush then sprinkle with a little coarse sugar before it dries. This will ensure a nice shiny crust with a little extra sweetness every time. Bake it for….um…a certain amount of time….I’m sorry ok?! I don’t have any exact details here but come on, when it’s golden and brown and your house smells like the Yankee Candle store in the middle of Autumn then you know it’s done. As much as you may want to enjoy it right away. fight the urge. By letting it cool, you’re allowing the juices to firm up a bit and all the flavors to really meld. Now at this point, the whole ice cream option is really up to you, but you already know how I feel about that….


2 thoughts on “apple of my pie

  1. I am not mad at you in fact I second that 🙂
    I love apple pie but I completely have no idea how to make them ( now don’t get mad at me). Thanks for sharing an easy recipe, I will definitely try this someday. Sounds pretty easy and convenient!

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