Sunday Style



Some might think the words “plus size” and “bodycon dress” don’t go together but with the right undergarments (bless you Spanx) and a smart slimming pattern, it’s actually quite becoming! Most of us are never totally happy with our shape and it’s ok to seek improvement but we also have to be happy with what we have and make it work. So no matter what your size, embrace it, and dress to look your best! My love of black and white was personified with this Eloquii Mixed Stripe Dress from none other than the amazing Gwynnie Bee (if you didn’t read my post about them check it out here) and white pointy toed pumps from Chinese Laundry.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Style

  1. I have a similar dress ( my personal favorite) of same color and pattern. It just has a green lace around rest everything is same. This looks lovely especially with the combination of red. Beautiful neck piece; elegant and classy.
    P.S You look smoking hot 🙂

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