“remember who you are”

“don’t stay out too late”. “wear your seatbelt.” “be good!” all things parents yell out the door as their children are leaving the house. but my dad said something else, something that stuck with me, even if I didn’t totally appreciate at the time. “remember who you are.” it was so many things wrapped into one expression. it was an admonition to always make them proud, represent the family well, understand that I was accountable for my actions and that God saw everything even if they didn’t, to not give into peer pressure, a reminder to do my best, because our best is all we can do, to be kind, loving, and give to others, putting their needs ahead of my own, and most of all to literally remember who I was and stay true to that. and now, as an adult, I sometimes repeat the expression to myself. isn’t it funny how as children we are so sure of ourselves and as we age it seems to get less and less so. sometimes its easy to forget who we are or doubt ourselves when someone attacks our character, calls into question our motives and true intentions, especially when its someone who is supposed to know us. when this happens I find it best to self examine and pray, there’s always room for improvement. and to go to the people who truly know you best, your best friend, your parents, your spouse, and ask them to be honest with you. and most likely, because they love you and may even know you better than you know yourself, they’ll tell you that those people are crazy, wrong, misinformed, and must not REALLY know who you are. but your loved ones do, and so do you. so instead of playing those negative words over and over in your head, put your chin up, take a cue from my wise old dad, and remember who you are.


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