good to know…

All her life my mother has wanted to live on a cute street like Schoolhouse Lane or Bluebird Circle but unfortunately she’s always gotten stuck with main streets or streets named after a number. And now, as an adult, I am stuck with the same plight, we live on a County Road with a number and an “E” at the end. This “E” does NOT stand for east but everyone always thinks it does…like when I’m saying my address over the phone or ordering something online it always gets interpreted as east and I always end up saying “No, not east, it’s “E” as in…um…elephant?” Because I can never remember the official NATO alpha bravo charlie terms that fancy people use. So I found this little chart of the NATO phonetic alphabet, more accurately known as the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, to keep in my phone for such an occasion. Now you can have it too and sound smart instead of just saying…”elephant”.



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