Hands Free Raw Chicken

Many people are totally grossed out by touching and preparing raw chicken. It doesn’t particularly bother me, but then again I am a butcher’s wife. I like to buy my chicken in bulk and cut it up into various forms, diced, cutlet, etc and freeze them in individual bags so they when I need it for a certain meal, it’s already done. Once I’m finished cutting it though and I’m ready to store it, I wash my hands and don’t necessarily want to touch it again and get all those salmonella germs on everything. So I started to take a ziploc bag, invert it over my hand as a sort of glove and pick up the chicken. Once it’s all in the bag I can grab the sides of the bag (because my hands are still clean!) and pull them up and over to turn the bag right side out. Seal it up and voila, you’ve got hands free raw chicken!* Did you notice that my cutting board is yellow? Perhaps you’ve noticed different color cutting boards before but never thought about their functionality. This is a trick used by chefs so they can keep their boards straight and avoid cross contamination. Yellow=poultry, Red=beef, Blue=Seafood, and Green=Produce. Ya learn something new every day! Unless you already knew that, in which case, go get a dictionary and learn a new word or something.
*it behooves me to note although it may be somewhat gross timing…that this is also a great method for picking up doggy poop.


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