Don’t throw that mascara away!

Don’t you hate when you get to what seems to be the bottom of your mascara tube and think to yourself, “I JUST bought this!”? This happened to me recently and with my favorite mascara, Benefit’s They’re Real, which is a bit pricey so I wanted to get my money’s worth! When I was younger my mom taught me to pour a little nail polish remover into a bottle of polish that was getting old and glumpy. It thinned out the nail polish back to it’s perfect consistency every time. So I thought, why couldn’t I apply that same trick to my mascara? Not with polish remover obviously, talk about an optometrist’s nightmare! It’s impossible to see down that tiny little black tube so I would need some sort of eye dropper…and commence epiphany! Eye drops! What could be a better pairing for mascara?! So I put in a few drops of my contact friendly visible, shook/stirred it up and…the mascara that I thought was a dried up goner was brand new again! I can’t tell you how long exactly this extended the life of the mascara because I’m STILL using it! And as an added bonus, I’m pretty sure it’s even helped make my contacts less sensitive to my eye makeup! You gotta try this!


5 thoughts on “Don’t throw that mascara away!

  1. Can you tell me why you like this mascara? I’m on the hunt for a new one and I’ve struck out several times :/

    • Hi Maegan! I love it because it goes on without clumping and really does make my lashes look longer! Also since I wear contacts, my eyes are sensitive to certain products but this mascara doesn’t bother my eyes at all!

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