Sunday Style…thrift store transformation edition

I found this lovely vintage frock for, you heard it right, A DOLLAR at a thrift shop. Even though I’m always up for a cute shirt dress, this particular one wasn’t very BBF (big bosom friendly) but I still loved the pattern, length, and comfy cotton feel. So I decided to make it into a midi skirt! Now, if you have any sewing skills at all then this is most likely a very simple project. But although I DO own a very lovely sewing machine…well…to quote Cosmo from Moonstruck, “I don’t wanna talk about it!” so…I decided to take it to my reliable local seamstress Liz. If you live in the area and would like her info let me know, she works out of her home, is the sweetest woman, and does impeccable and affordable work on both men’s and women’s clothing. She cut the top off the dress, put some elastic in the waist of the skirt according to my measurements and, voila, a brand new skirt! ( I feel like I say “voila” quite a bit in my posts, who knew I was such a fan of that word?!) Next time you see something you like but it just doesn’t quite work, get it anyway and try to do a thrift store transformation!


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