It’s Rainier cherry day, who knew?!

Rainier cherries are the butcher’s absolute most favorite fruit. Who knew they had their own day! Maybe that’s why they’re so stinking expensive, “they think they fancy”. Rainier cherries originated in 1952 after Harold Fogel and other researchers from the Washington Agriculture Experiment Station in Prosser, WA crossed the Bing and Van cherry varieties. Much to their surprise, the combination of these two red cherries produced a golden yellow cherry with a red blush and incredibly sweet flavor. Rainier cherries were named after Mount Rainier, the highest peak in Washington. They’re rarely in season (at least here in Florida) and when they are available they are, as afore mentioned, quite pricey. That’s why, when visiting my Uncle Adrian’s farm in Oklahoma a few years back, my husband was overjoyed to find a whole tree full of the delightfully sweet and tangy fruit right in their front yard! He must’ve stood under that thing for half an hour picking and eating cherries. I think my favorite fruit is pineapple, I wonder if it has it’s own day….


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