Chalkboard cookies, say what?!

That’s right, the chalkboard craze that has swept the nation is now edible! {Don’t worry no eating of actual chalk or chalkboard of any kind is involved} I hosted a bridal tea last weekend that was a floral/chalkboard theme and I knew I would make my teacup cookies so I decided what better way to incorporate chalkboard then try to make some cookies that look like chalkboards as well! You can do it too! Here’s how…
Start with Martha’s fail safe sugar cookie recipe and follow the directions. I used my teapot and teacup cookie cutters and for the chalkboard cookies just a regular round cookie cutter. For half the rounds I cut out a little divot with a paring knife so that they would fit on the cups and double as a placecard. {I was pretty proud of myself for coming up with that one}

Once cookies are cut out and placed on the cookie sheets, listen to this next step carefully because this is very important, put the pans in the fridge!!! This will help them keep their shape and make for crisp laser cut cookie edges instead of them looking like teacup shaped blobs. Once they’ve chilled for at least 15 minutes, bake them according to recipe directions.

While baking start making the icing using Martha’s royal icing recipe. Once the icing is made, divide it into smaller bowls depending on how many colors you’ll need. For the chalkboard cookies I added black Americolor (much better than Wilton and available at Hobby Lobby) food coloring until I got the right shade.

Pour icing into a piping bag fitted with a small tip {or in a pinch you can use a Ziploc bag and cut a tiny snippet off the corner and that will work as well. That sentence sounded super British didn’t it?! Maybe I’m still in the tea party mood}. Outline the edges of each cookie and let dry.



Once the outline is completely dry, take the remaining icing and add a few tablespoons of water to thin it for “flooding” consistency. Spoon a little bit of icing onto each cookie and tilt cookie around until icing is evenly spread out. If it needs a little extra help, a toothpick works.


Let cookies dry overnight to make sure they are completely dry. Now it’s time to decorate! Using more Americolor gel {bright white for the “chalk” and whatever colors you’d like for the teacups} add a small amount on a plate and mix with a few drops of vodka {alcohol dries faster than water so it’s better for using on top of sugar icing} and it’s just like painting with water colors when you were a kid! {For extra precision try these Wilton food writer markers} Using a very thin paintbrush decorate each cookie with letters, designs, flowers, etc.



And that’s pretty much it! I know it seems a little daunting, and I’m not going to lie, it is time consuming but I assure you. It’s well worth it especially when made for someone you love.



Stay tuned tomorrow for more pictures and DIY ideas from the tea party!


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