Polka Dot Problems…

Ok, so I’m a grown up, I can admit when I have a problem. It was recently brought to my attention twice in one day by a picture from one of my best friends of us in matching dresses and by a friend who, upon seeing my outfit, called me the polka dot princess. That’s right…
“My name is Lori, and I’m addicted to polka dots.”
Particularly of the black & white variety. (Don’t even get me started on black & white stripes, that’s a WHOLE other post!) Maybe it’s because I love a pattern, or because the butcher proposed to me in a polka dot dress…{I was in the dress, not him haha} or because there’s nothing so classic as black & white polka dots with a red lip, or maybe it’s just because they’re so darn cute. But whatever it is, I’ve gathered all (ok let’s be honest it’s not all…but it’s most) of the evidence, and here’s the result…

At least I don’t discriminate, they’re all different shapes and sizes! One is even kind of animal printish. {pssh auto correct tried to correct me on that one-DEnied!}
Here’s our engagement photo, my most favorite polka dot moment…

Here’s the picture Jax sent me of us both looking adorably dotted…{it’s worth noting I am much thinner here😒 and that this is probably the only time Jax has probably ever worn any type of black. She barely owns any. She’s a brown girl. Brown to her is what black is to me. And she hates chocolate. Sometimes I wonder how it is that we’re even friends…}

And here’s my outfit from tonight {the one that spurred the “polka dot princess” comment} Doesn’t get better than polka dots with a crinoline underneath!


IMG_0997.JPG{don’t mind my deformed looking claw…}

In case you’re wondering how many times so far I’ve said “polka dot”, I counted, it’s nine…er, ten actually, counting this sentence. So yes, I may have a slight problem…but if loving polka dots {eleven} is wrong, then I don’t want to be right!


2 thoughts on “Polka Dot Problems…

  1. Well I do say I can probably fill my closet with much more brown than black. You look adorable in your pocka dots and yes it may just be “loris signature” look 🙂 glad I found that picture (that didn’t exist ; p )

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