The Adult Sippy Cup

IMG_2431.JPGWe all know that mason jars have become the new trendy thing. They are “green”, dishwasher safe, bpa free, and most importantly, adorable. But drinking out of them can prove to be a bit of a challenge. Well spill no more my friends! What do you give a child who’s too old for a bottle but too young for a regular glass? A sippy cup! So Ball, the original mason jar company, has created travel lids and straws that fit inside the screw top of different sized mason jars to make, essentially, an adult sippy cup! I got mine at target but couldn’t find them on so check them out here instead. Not only that but they also now make a taller wide mouth jar that fits perfectly in a car’s cup holder, also a problem in the past. So forget starbucks and make your coffee at home, my sippy cup is sporting a delicious iced latte, compliments of my trusty nespresso!
{side note: not sure how I feel about this nail polish shade…thoughts?}


3 thoughts on “The Adult Sippy Cup

  1. I totally want to get these lids – thank you for the post! Also, love the polish – it’s fall-ish! 🙂

  2. Gonna have to try the new “adult sippy cup”….thanks for the tip! And BTW Beauty, I just love love love the nail polish! It’s fall and perfect shade. 🙂

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