The Butcher

20081010 005Well, its official. The butcher is no longer technically, a butcher. For the past eight years he has been cutting meat and the last two of those years has worked as the meat manager. But Publix knows a good thing when they have it so they didn’t waste any time promoting this hardworking youngster to bigger and better things. Last week he was promoted to Assistant Store Manager. There are a lot of pros to this position, of course higher pay and bigger bonuses, a less physical workload and not being in a freezer all day. I’m especially excited about the prospects of not having to wash blood off his shirts anymore! His new store is a little further away so sadly no more coming home for lunch during the day. But he’s happy and is loving his new position (and the authority that comes with it I think). Someone asked me though, “Is this the end of beauty and the butcher?” And the answer is no! Adeptly cutting meat is a skill I know he will never lose and even though he might no longer be able to package up the meat for his mother’s Sunday gravy, get you a good discount on a turkey, or pick out a nice roast for his mother in law, he’ll still be there to pick up the phone when you call asking about the funny smell coming from your hamburger meat, he’ll readily clean all the fish you catch every morning in the Outer Banks, the endless but cute meat themed shop talk between he and his butcher father will I’m sure continue, and he will always, always, get stuck carving the turkey. So no matter what he goes on to do in this company, in my heart, he’ll always be my butcher.

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