eight years ago today…

Ok well not technically today, it was actually yesterday but let’s not split hairs. I wonder where that expression came from…I bet my dad would know. Anyway, yesterday was our 8th anniversary. I really can’t believe how quickly the years have passed. We spent the day (and by “we” I mean my father, father in law, and the butcher, while I stayed inside randomly supervising, bringing them cold drinks and sandwiches…) doing yard work. So romantic. I suppose it’s a sign of old age and the joys of home ownership? Honestly, the butcher works so much and we have so much company coming these next couple of months that I’d rather get my patio finished than go to the beach for the day. (Well not rather but you know what I mean. Plus he says he has a surprise planned for me in May so I don’t mind waiting. Well I mind but I can do it!) Throughout the day I kept saying, “Honey, this time eight years ago you were putting your tux on”…or “eight years ago today we were probably cutting our cake”, etc. So I decided to do a little blog post featuring the highlights from that very special day and bring you along for the ride. 

Every bride needs a custom made t-shirt…

2007 (213) 

Didn’t I have the best bridesmaids? We all wore our shirts for rehearsal the night before. Boy was Jackie mad that we forgot to tell her to wear jeans!2007 (208) 

Rehearsal dinner was a luau at the in-laws…coconut bras were a must!2007 (222) 

Always been a daddy’s girl…this was an emotional walk. Also I would like to say that even though I loved our wedding I hated my hair and makeup (or lack thereof, and would change everything about the way I looked if I could, even my dress) 2007 (77) Eight pretty maids, all in a row…2007 (108) 

As Abba would say, “I doooooooo, I do, I do, I do I do…..”2007 (125) 

The new Mr. & Mrs! IMG_1589b The fam…2007 (154)Time for a limo ride! Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 657 limo couple 

I loved my bridesmaid dresses. They were ridiculously expensive and I truly regret making them pay so much for them but I was young, dumb, and they were pretty!Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 617b 

This is one of my favorite wedding photos ever. 2007 (205) 

Jumping for joy and testing out the veil the Butcher’s grandmother made.Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 322b 

We took some family photos…2007 (182)b 

Then some group shots….Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 332 

Then we walked through the Villages town square and got cheered on by hundreds of senior citizens!Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 339 Before dinner we watched the obligatory embarrassing photo slideshow…Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 313

Then we danced…Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 438 

Played Cinderella…Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 446 

Did the chicken dance….Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 294b 

And the tarantella, a traditional Neapolitan folk dance that is mandatory at Italian weddings…Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 280b Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 276 

And no reception (in my opinion) is complete without a little Frank…”start spreading the news….”Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 430 

Then we cut the cake(s) mmmmm cannoli filling…IMG_1702 

Took some family photos…IMG_1651_edited-1Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 346 

Danced a little more…Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 398 

And then passed out from exhaustion! Boy am I glad I wore flats! Joey & Lori's Wedding 031007 447

If I had to do it all over again…I’d do everything different (not what you thought I was going to say huh?) I mean we didn’t even have PINTEREST then! But it was our wedding day and I loved it all the same. The one thing I wouldn’t change? The man I married. 


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