The Warby Parker Experiment 

Help! I need your input! I mentioned in an earlier post that I tried out a new service called “Warby Parker”. They are an American brand of prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses founded in 2010. Warby Parker sells online and has a limited number of showrooms in the United States. By designing glasses in-house and selling only directly to consumers, the company lowers the cost of its glasses by a significant amount which makes them really affordable, especially for people without vision insurance. (Can I just say how grateful I am for Publix and their phenomenal health benefits?!) Click here to read a little more about their company in NY Magazine. 

The designs for the company’s frames feature vintage-inspired style which was right up my alley. I don’t wear my glasses often, not because I don’t need them I’m (super blind) but because I feel I can see much more clearly with my contacts and hate feeling and limitations of the frame on your face. (They also bring out the dirty old man in my father in law, who thinks I look like a librarian or schoolteacher when I wear them haha, what is with men and librarians? Love you da!) So even though I’m not a big eyeglass wearer, when I DO wear them, I want them to be cute! 

So after perusing the Warby Parker website I selected five pairs that I liked the best. They shipped them to me completely free of charge, I try them on, pick my favorite, and then ship back and place my order. One pair, a clear lucite pair that I thought would be cool, were…not. So I narrowed it down to four pairs (I think #3 is my favorite…okay actually #1 is my favorite but of course they’re more expensive than all the others so I convinced myself I liked the other pair better haha) but now I need your input to decide! Comment below 1,2,3, or 4 and I’ll tally up the votes between my blog, instagram, and facebook. So help me out and cast those votes! 


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