care for a cuppa?

  I love tea. And parties. And tea parties. And pretty things. And heirlooms. So the natural progression of loving all those things? Collecting teacups! These are my favorite six of my collection. Four of the six have been given to me from a member of my family or the Butcher’s, making them all the more special. The other two are ones I have picked up from thrift stores or yards sales. I love finding one beautiful but lonely cup and saucer, long separated from its original set, perhaps given to a young bride at her bridal shower on a spring day in 1958. Or thinking about the skill of the person that held this cup in their hand and painstakingly painted each flower on the delicate porcelain. I love pairing all these mismatched cups together, seeing them set out at a tea party, all the beautiful different shapes, patterns, and colors and then watch as each woman walks to the tea table and chooses the cup that tickles her fancy. Taking pleasure in the little things in life helps me stay calm and brings me joy, just like my teacup collection.  



2 thoughts on “care for a cuppa?

    • Isn’t it?! I found that one at goodwill for $1.25! The inside is painted with 14kt gold with hand painted fruit, it’s beautiful. Mom says I can’t drink out of it though, something about toxic chemicals bla bla bla? 😉

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