“Schochler Tea”

beauty & the butcher


Living in Pa nobody knows what REAL iced tea is. They think it either comes powdered from a can or is basically lemonade mixed with a little bit of tea. But coming from Oklahoma, my mom knows how to make real iced tea, or sweet tea, as they call it here in Florida. It’s brewed fresh, sweetened, and cooled. (Except in East Texan like at my beautiful Aunt Marilyn’s, they keep it out on the counter) So growing up all my friends loved our “Schochler Tea” (my maiden name) and insisted on there always being a full pitcher of it at all times. I like to keep the tradition alive and even have a special “tea pot”, my vintage Cathrineholm pot, that I only use for tea brewing. I can just picture my kids one day saying, “I want mom’s tea pot when I get married!” (Those are the kinds…

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