A little love for the F to the L 

 Did you know that Florida was the 27th state? It’s ok, I didn’t either. It was admitted to the United States as a State on March 3, 1845. It’s now 170 years old, 58 years younger than the very first state, Deleware. The capital is Tallahassee and its nickname, as I’m sure you know, is the Sunshine State! Florida’s state flower is the orange blossom which also produces delicious orange blossom honey! 

There’s a ton of water in Florida, with 7,700 lakes greater than 10 acres, 33 natural springs (which is greater than any other state btw), and approximately 4,500 islands greater than 10 acres, with 663 miles of beach! 

There are a ton of other facts I could give you, like how many senate districts there are, or the number of counties, bla bla bla. But this is my blog so instead I’m going to give you some facts/reasons that I love Florida….

Whether you are enjoying the crystal clear water and relaxing atmosphere of the Florida Keys, catching a ball game or off sailing in St. Petersburg, taking an airboat ride through the marshy Everglades (home of the American Crocodile), taking a romantic getaway at a B&B in the charming Shrimping Village of Amelia Island, floating down the “Venice of America” as they call Fort Lauderdale, due to its expansive and intricate canal system, visiting Kennedy Space Center and Mickey Mouse at Cinderella’s Castle in Orlando, laying on the world renowned white sand beaches of Siesta Key, watching cars speed around the track at the Daytona International Speedway, visiting the first ever Naval Air Station in Pensicola, touring historical landmarks in brick street lined St. Augustine, enjoying amazing restaurants and culture at the Walter Tiffany museum in Winter Park, going “shelling” on the beautiful crustacean laden beaches of Sanibel Island, eating delicious Greek food and buying natural sponges galore in Tarpon Springs, admiring the Art Deco architecture and mini Havana that is Miami Beach, taking a boat to the beautiful reef islands that make up Dry Tortugas National Park, home of Fort Jefferson, taking in the wonderfully weird world-famous underwater mermaid show in the city of Weeki Wachee, or playing a round of golf at one of the best courses in the country right here in the Villages, there is so much to do (and much more I didn’t mention) in this lovely state that you never have to leave! 

I love that there is still so much for us to explore here, I love wearing flip flops in February and that most people here don’t even know what an “ice scraper” is. I love that the sun is literally ALWAYS shining and everybody has central air. I love that there are cows and palm trees on the same block and that I don’t have to get my car inspected. I love not having to look for deer on the road at night. I love having a place for my friends and family to escape to when it’s cold, I love being so close to Disney, and the beach, and most of all, I love that in my tenth year of living here, I finally feel I can call Florida my home. 


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