queue to my childhood 

Lately, strolling through the “Recently Added” section of Netflix has been like taking a stroll down memory lane through my childhood. Movies I remember watching as a kid like Michael Keaton’s Mr. Mom and the creepy but entertaining David Bowie flick, Labyrinth.  

Classic series like, Dinosaurs (you know, “Not the mama, not the mama”…cue frying pan sounds on the head), and Star Trek Voyager are ever prevalent on there as well. I’m still waiting for the real Star Trek to be on there, STNG, but for know I’ll have to be satisfied with a female captain and an annoying alien bartender who is basically the Star Trek equivalent of Jar Jar Binks… 

Typing STNG just caused me to have a major epiphany…for years I saw videotape after videotape in our movie cabinet with labels hand written in my father’s handwriting “STNG” with a year after it. For some reason I always assumed that it said “Sting”. I remember as a kid not being sure what that was…I thought I remembered hearing there was a singer named that and wow, mom and dad must really like him if they have all his concerts on tape…it literally just hit me what the tapes were. They were tapes containing every single episode of Star Trek the Next Generation. Dad’s favorite show, the show we had to leave the room during if we talked too much, meticulously documented by episode,  name, and date. Little did he know there would soon come a time when all shows ever made would be distributed in box sets for your viewing pleasure. Anyway, epiphany epiphanized. Pretty sure that’s not a word…but I digress 

 Then of course there are the movies of my teen years, Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet and Clueless…(both of which were released when I was a kid but didn’t attain my full appreciation until my adolescence and years of teen angst) and I can pretty much quote the entire script if each film in verbatim. (A frustrating talent when you have trouble remembering scriptures but yet can somehow recall every word Mike Meyers uttered in So I Married an Axe Murderer)  

 The most recent one I stumbled on is a classic I can’t believe I’ve never seen until now…Girls Just Want to Have Fun!  

 Sarah Jessica Parker, Helen Hunt, pre-teen (and pre-major jerk) Shannon Doherty, dancing, and some major 80’s fashion that has reminded me (combined with my recent trip to Forever 21) that the 80’s are back in a very large and very ugly way. Bodysuits are back?! Striped leggings and acid washed bra tops?! Wha?! Anyway, the movie was made in ’85 (two years after the release of the similarly named Cyndi Lauper tune) which was a particularly good year seeing as how it’s the year I was born! It’s rated PG and thus caused very little cringing which was nice for a change compared to today’s entertainment, just sweet unrequited teenage love and some derelict 80’s punks. This may actually be my most favorite role of Helen Hunt’s; she’s a free spirit with quite the fashion sense. I would also like to point out that it has a lot of similarities to dirty dancing (including the dance move that I guess I’ll call the “air plank”?) but came out two years before so take that Jennifer Grey! Anyway next time you’re cruising Netflix, totally check it out dude, it’s tubular! 



One thought on “queue to my childhood 

  1. Cute, Kiddo, another winner.
    Seeing those silly old shows sure puts things in perspective, don’t it?

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