A few of my favorite things…


There are so many products I’m excited about that I thought I’d share some of my favorite things with you, maybe I’ll even make it Favorite Things Friday! Let’s get started! 

Stila Stay All Day Lipstick in a beautiful bright pink shade called Bella found here. This lip stain has avocado oil in it so it goes on like butter, moisturizer your lips, and literally stays on all day! 

Shop bando “I Am Very Busy” Agenda found here (it’s actually currently sold out because it’s just that good, but you can sign up on the waiting list) This calendar makes planning fun, it’s got all kinds of fun stickers, reminds you when it’s national hot dog day, and on random days throughout the year tells you things like, go get froyo with all the toppings, jam out to Jenny Lewis, send your bestie a card, watch anything with Ryan Gosling in it, plant a tree, take a chill pill and even little affirmations like “your hair is really shiny” and “your face is like sunshine”. I mean how can that not brighten your day?! 

Slink Magazine Tortoiseshell Sunglasses from Cool Gal Blue found here (you’ll also find tons of cute plus size fashions and you may notice something very unique about their site, no photoshop whatsoever, the models are beautiful just the way they are!)

Ladybug Wallet found at Target here in one of my favorite color with one of my favorite bugs, it’s even big enough to hold my phone and has a convenient wristlet so you just grab it to run into the store without bringing your whole purse! 

Realtree for Her eau de parfum found here Real Tree for Her opens up with the sweet taste of pomegranate, a hint of persimmon and an exotic scent of orchids. It blends with lotus blossom and champaca flower and it’s followed by the rich scent of amber, the transient scent of violets and the depth of mahogany wood. I originally got it as a sample from ipsy and loved it, which is saying a lot since I’m very picky wheb it comes to scents…well really when it comes to everything if I’m being honest…

Figs & Rouge Shea Butter Hand Cream found here. Another ipsy sample, this Shea & Cocoa Butter Hand Cream softens, nourishes & thoroughly pampers hands throughout the day with a light & lovely scent! 

And last but not least, I cannot get enough of these cheap statement necklaces I’m finding for super cheap on eBay! Because they come from China, they definitely take a while to ship, but at an average of $3 a pop, it’s worth the wait! Here’s one of my favorite sellers on eBay. 


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