September calling…

It’s September! Not quite fall here in Florida but the excitement of falling leaves and mulled spices is definitely in the air. I feel like Meg Ryan in You’ve got Mail as she saysstrolling through the leaf covered streets of Chelsea past pumpkin window displays and children drinking apple cider, “Don’t you love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies. I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.”

So to celebrate, and since I can’t send you all pencil bouquets, I made you a wallpaper for your phone! Simple save the image below and set it as your wallpaper, lock screen, or both! Maybe if you like it, I’ll make one every month! Now I’m off to go buy some clearanced school supplies! 



meet & make 

  So there’s this adorable local blogger from Orlando named Sarah Khandjian, or as she goes by in the Instagram/blogosphere world, Sarah Hearts. She came up with the genius idea of getting women together to make a craft, have some cocktails, and meet some new friends. Then she got even smarter and decided to sell tickets for said get-together! Man I wish I’d thought of that! 

I’d been insta-stalking her for months and every time she hosted one of her “meet & make” events, I was either unable to go or the tickets sold out before I could get my hands on one! But that all changed last night! I finally got to go along with some friends and it was I even got to meet Sarah herself! 

When we walked in to the large warehouse space, we were greeted by a few friendly ladies who checked our names off of the guest list and gave us a pink pizza box emblazoned with the words “meet & make” and a pair of, what seemed to be the theme of the evening, scissors. Also handed to us and adorned with scissors was a sweet little canvas tote bag filled with all sorts of goodies from local artists & business owners.  


We walked past festive confetti filled balloons towards the tables and secured a spot as the space was quickly filling up with excited women ready to craft! The workstations were covered in brown butcher paper stamped with a mini scissor design and covered in confetti. There were Popsicle sticks scattered on the paper as well as little cups filled with water for cleaning our brushes with “meet & make” on the side. This girl knows how to brand herself!  


Before getting started there was some mingling and chit chat as well as a cocktail station provided by Smirnoff and some treats from local bakeries. The citrus cookie sandwhiches from The Sweet Shop were my favorite…tangy, bite size, and delicious!   



After enjoying our refreshments, Sarah quieted everybody down, welcomed us, made a few announcements and instructions and then it was time to open our pink pizza boxes! 

 We were going to be painting geometric wall art panels. When I purchased my ticket I was even given the option of the type of wood stain I wanted for my panel. The idea was to use the provided washi tape to create different geometric shapes like this… 

and these… 


 But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t decide what shape I wanted and the perfectionist in me was afraid that the paint would bleed under the tape and ruin my design. I was in a creative mood anyway, so I decided to freehand it. Did you notice the tiny little stamp that was in our gift bag? I think it subconsciously inspired me,  because this is what I ended up with.  

An ice cream cone!

 (Side note for my fellow Gwynnie Girls, I am wearing the BB Dakota Jaeger Crepon Full Skirt Dress and I loved it. It was super light, comfy, and silky soft. It was a little big so I belted it and added a cardigan but I still got lots of compliments and can’t wait to get the smaller size that I closeted.) 

Back to the meet & make! After we finished our projects we headed, art in hand, to the gif photo booth where we created this little gem… and these… 

Sarah even jumped in on the fun and then I got to chat with her a bit (she also said she had seen my blog before which was pretty cool!) and we took this… 

All in all, it was a fabulous event. I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again!  


do me a favor…

Having a tea party, baby shower, bridal luncheon etc and in need a favor? Here’s an easy, inexpensive, and most importantly, delicious favor for you to make! 

You’ll need…

  • clear cellophane treat bags (any size you like, these can be purchased at any craft store)
  • paper doilies (just pick a size that corresponds to the size of your treat bag, these can be purchased at a craft store and most dollar stores) 
  • Stapler
  • Adhesive
  • Your choice of candy*

*although these may look like jordan almonds I decided I didn’t want my guests to break their teeth off so I went with peanut m&m’s instead and bonus! the pastel spring/easter m&m’s  went perfectly with my color scheme. 

How to make the favors 

  • Fill the treat bags with candy. Try and eyeball the right amount based on how much candy you have vs how many bags you’re making. (Don’t forget to account for munching or ahem, “quality control”) 
  • Fold top of bag over and staple.
  • Fold doiley in half, put adhesive on each side, then attach to bag and seal.

And you’re done! You could even personalize each bag or add a bow, ribbon, etc. if you really want to get fancy. 

Theft Protection with some bling!

Were you aware that “duck tape” is like a whole movement now? There are literally hundred of patterns

IMG_1236.JPGNot to mention a gazillion ideas of tape related crafts out there to be made. One of the favorite ones I’ve seen so far is this floor…

IMG_1235.JPGA friend of mine made a corset out of duct tape back in high school but it was just the plain old silver kind, imagine the possibilities now!
Anyway, this has been my roundabout way of getting to today’s post. If you’re like me, your iphone seems to always be dead but every time you go to plug it in, your charger is missing! (Granted sometimes I am the actual culprit, having moved it to another room and forgotten about it) but sometimes it’s the butchers fault too.
Other times, you take your charger to someone’s house and next thing you know, there’s a sea of white squares plugged into various outlets and you have no clue which one, if any of them, belong to you. Well thanks to duck tape (I chose, of course, a lovely silver glitter bling) you can have a personalized, adorable, theft proof phone charger within seconds! Just apply your pattern of choice to the charger, trim, and voila!

Top it off…

Julia Child said it best, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Cake makes everything better. So for my in-law’s 32nd anniversary I ordered a delicious chocolate ganache cake from our local Publix. Normally I’d make the cake but my MIL had been eyeing this one for a while so I knew she’d love it. I wanted to dress the cake up a little and make it extra special with some kind of cake topper. Other than cake, what makes everything better? GLITTER! So I pulled out my trusty glue gun and picked a lovely gold glitter from my abundant collection. Here’s what I did…

On a piece of parchment paper I wrote in glue a 3, a 2, and a heart. But obviously you could do whatever you want, even a word or phrase. Immediately after {hurry you don’t want it to dry!} insert a wooden skewer onto the bottom of the glue. Sprinkle generously with glitter. {You could also use paper confetti, or even rainbow sprinkles!} Let it dry and turn over, trace with glue, and sprinkle again. Once completely dry, trim skewers to the length of your cake and there you have it, some super easy, basically free, bling bling for your cake!



Put a ring on it…DIY style

I’m hosting a bridal tea in a couple weeks so I’ve been doing a lot of tea party related projects as of late (so stay tuned!) and I was super excited about this one. Flowers always dress up a table, and no tea party is complete without pink roses (in my opinion). I’ve seen a lot of ideas on Pinterest like planting little flowers or succulents inside each persons teacup but that means that either a) you have twice the amount of teacups that you need, which I don’t, or b) you’ve got a plant in your cup, and that’s a problem at a tea party! So I needed another way to incorporate flowers and came up with some easy and inexpensive DIY floral napkin rings!
These really were very simple to make. The hands you see in the picture belong to my little nieces, they were a big help and this was a fun & easy project for them as well. Here’s what you’ll need…
* Shower curtain rings (you can get a pack of 12 at Walmart for like two bucks and a dozen was exactly how many I needed!)
* floral tape
* glue gun & glue sticks (duh)
* silk flowers…I got all my silk flowers for about 6 bucks at Walmart so this entire project only cost me about $10!
Here’s what to do~
Cut a long strip of floral tape and carefully wrap it around the shower curtain ring (once it is snapped in place). The floral tape is a little tacky so it should adhere to itself nicely. Cut off the stem of the flower at the base of the flower itself. Apply a generous glob (yes, that’s the technical term) of glue to the flower base and adhere ring to it. Using pressure, hold it there for about 30 seconds then set it aside to dry. Next…oh wait, that’s it, you’re done! See I told you it was easy! Your table will be so much prettier and no one will ever guess (unless they happen to read some fabulous blog about it…) that they only cost about 83 cents a pop!


“I love lamp”

Somebody gave me this teacup lamp, it was dirty and chipped but still in working order so I decided it could be cute for the upcoming tea party I’m throwing. I chose a nice bright glossy yellow (spray paint of course) and picked up a shade for a dollar at a local thrift store. Not bad for a $1 project!!! Tea anyone?