Theft Protection with some bling!

Were you aware that “duck tape” is like a whole movement now? There are literally hundred of patterns

IMG_1236.JPGNot to mention a gazillion ideas of tape related crafts out there to be made. One of the favorite ones I’ve seen so far is this floor…

IMG_1235.JPGA friend of mine made a corset out of duct tape back in high school but it was just the plain old silver kind, imagine the possibilities now!
Anyway, this has been my roundabout way of getting to today’s post. If you’re like me, your iphone seems to always be dead but every time you go to plug it in, your charger is missing! (Granted sometimes I am the actual culprit, having moved it to another room and forgotten about it) but sometimes it’s the butchers fault too.
Other times, you take your charger to someone’s house and next thing you know, there’s a sea of white squares plugged into various outlets and you have no clue which one, if any of them, belong to you. Well thanks to duck tape (I chose, of course, a lovely silver glitter bling) you can have a personalized, adorable, theft proof phone charger within seconds! Just apply your pattern of choice to the charger, trim, and voila!