Downton Withdrawal            

Have you, like me, been sitting in front of your television late Sunday evenings feeling like something is missing from your life? It’s called Downton withdrawal! (ok to be honest I usually watched it Monday on the dvr while folding laundry but that wasn’t as dramatic) So to cheer you up a bit I decided to show you our fabulous (if I do say so myself) Downton Abbey party. Really the fabulous part was my friends, who totally rose to the occasion and dressed to the nines. I am in a bit of disbeleief that I have not shared any of this with you up until this point! (insert emoji with the mouth open, “home alone” hands on cheeks) So lets dive right in.

I love the Pbs show Downton Abbey and I love throwing parties. So, duh, a downton party needed to happen. I decided to make it a tea party with some hearty food as well since it was dinner time and there were men attending. And since I knew everyone would want to sample all of the delicious treats, I split the evening up into two parts; dinner and sprakling wine, then a downton game and viewing the special features as well as secrets of the Highclere Castle (the estate where the show is filmed). After that it was tea, dessert, and time to watch the finale! I purchased the season online so that we could watch the finale at the party before it actually aired on television. Here are some pictures of the food, the decor, and the guests! 
Oh and me, the hostess, in my fun blonde flapper wig!IMG_7457   



  IMG_7389 IMG_7423 

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