Top it off…

Julia Child said it best, “A party without cake is just a meeting.”

Cake makes everything better. So for my in-law’s 32nd anniversary I ordered a delicious chocolate ganache cake from our local Publix. Normally I’d make the cake but my MIL had been eyeing this one for a while so I knew she’d love it. I wanted to dress the cake up a little and make it extra special with some kind of cake topper. Other than cake, what makes everything better? GLITTER! So I pulled out my trusty glue gun and picked a lovely gold glitter from my abundant collection. Here’s what I did…

On a piece of parchment paper I wrote in glue a 3, a 2, and a heart. But obviously you could do whatever you want, even a word or phrase. Immediately after {hurry you don’t want it to dry!} insert a wooden skewer onto the bottom of the glue. Sprinkle generously with glitter. {You could also use paper confetti, or even rainbow sprinkles!} Let it dry and turn over, trace with glue, and sprinkle again. Once completely dry, trim skewers to the length of your cake and there you have it, some super easy, basically free, bling bling for your cake!




DIY hair accessory on the cheap!

Even though little girls can’t get much cuter, an adorable hair accessory is always a nice touch. But why spend like five bucks on ONE when you could spend a DOLLAR for four?! Target (or other stores too I’m sure) have these little bags of four felt flower gift toppers. Add some hot glue and a bobby pin (or metal barrette for thicker hair types, or hey go to heck with yourself, even a headband!) and you’ve got a darling and CHEAP hair accessory! The best part? When they inevitably use it you won’t be adding up the dollars lost in your head, you’ll be grabbing the glue gun to make some more! It’s also a great project for the girls to help with!

DIY monogram wreath


Well today’s the day, my nana is making the big move from Oklahoma to Florida. She is elderly and ill and has been in a nursing home there. But my vigilant and ever patient mother finally was able to find a home here in Florida that would take her. It’s very pretty and clean as nursing homes go but quite drab. So I decided to spruce up her room a little with her favorite color, purple. I got her a beautiful plush blanket, some throw pillows, an apothecary jar full of candy and some picture frames with old and new pics of her family. But I wanted to make something that would add a cute personal touch and thought a little wreath for her door would be the perfect touch. You’ll have to forgive me I forgot to take before shots to show you step by step but I assure you, it’s super easy and you don’t need them.

Here’s what you’ll need…

1 foam wreath form
Roll of burlap
A few straight pins
Hot glue gun
Decorative pieces i.e. flowers, trinkets, wooden letter, etc.

Take the burlap and pin one end to the foam then begin to tightly wrap it around the wreath making sure it’s snug and evenly spaced. Randomly place straight pins as you go to secure it. When you get to the end cut the burlap & trim any frayed ends, then hot glue the end piece for a seamless finish. Then hot glue whatever you’d like on it for decoration; I used a wooden “H” (my nana’s name is Hope) and covered it in colorful scrap paper. The silk flower I simply cut the stem off except for a short stump, cut a small hole in the burlap and stuck the stump into the foam to secure it. Then I hot glued little paper flowers on top of that and the letter to finish it off. You can tie a ribbon at the top to hang it or simply put it on a hook. Can’t get much easier than that for a cute personal gift!