“I love lamp”

Somebody gave me this teacup lamp, it was dirty and chipped but still in working order so I decided it could be cute for the upcoming tea party I’m throwing. I chose a nice bright glossy yellow (spray paint of course) and picked up a shade for a dollar at a local thrift store. Not bad for a $1 project!!! Tea anyone?


“R” is for…Red or Yellow???

So my dad, always looking out for his little blogger, found this gem that someone was getting rid of and brought it over in his truck the other day. I have big plans for it and it fits perfectly in several little nooks of my kitchen/dining area, just not sure where yet. I’m going to sand it, paint it, and put new hardware on it. I’d be doing that today if it wasn’t raining out, stupid rain always thwarts my plans! (now I hear dad’s voice in my head, “but we NEED the rain!”) Anyway I jut can’t decide what color to paint it. You’ve seen my house, really any bright, high gloss color would match.

So my main dilemma that I need your help with is…RED OR YELLOW? Help!