meet & make 

  So there’s this adorable local blogger from Orlando named Sarah Khandjian, or as she goes by in the Instagram/blogosphere world, Sarah Hearts. She came up with the genius idea of getting women together to make a craft, have some cocktails, and meet some new friends. Then she got even smarter and decided to sell tickets for said get-together! Man I wish I’d thought of that! 

I’d been insta-stalking her for months and every time she hosted one of her “meet & make” events, I was either unable to go or the tickets sold out before I could get my hands on one! But that all changed last night! I finally got to go along with some friends and it was I even got to meet Sarah herself! 

When we walked in to the large warehouse space, we were greeted by a few friendly ladies who checked our names off of the guest list and gave us a pink pizza box emblazoned with the words “meet & make” and a pair of, what seemed to be the theme of the evening, scissors. Also handed to us and adorned with scissors was a sweet little canvas tote bag filled with all sorts of goodies from local artists & business owners.  


We walked past festive confetti filled balloons towards the tables and secured a spot as the space was quickly filling up with excited women ready to craft! The workstations were covered in brown butcher paper stamped with a mini scissor design and covered in confetti. There were Popsicle sticks scattered on the paper as well as little cups filled with water for cleaning our brushes with “meet & make” on the side. This girl knows how to brand herself!  


Before getting started there was some mingling and chit chat as well as a cocktail station provided by Smirnoff and some treats from local bakeries. The citrus cookie sandwhiches from The Sweet Shop were my favorite…tangy, bite size, and delicious!   



After enjoying our refreshments, Sarah quieted everybody down, welcomed us, made a few announcements and instructions and then it was time to open our pink pizza boxes! 

 We were going to be painting geometric wall art panels. When I purchased my ticket I was even given the option of the type of wood stain I wanted for my panel. The idea was to use the provided washi tape to create different geometric shapes like this… 

and these… 


 But I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t decide what shape I wanted and the perfectionist in me was afraid that the paint would bleed under the tape and ruin my design. I was in a creative mood anyway, so I decided to freehand it. Did you notice the tiny little stamp that was in our gift bag? I think it subconsciously inspired me,  because this is what I ended up with.  

An ice cream cone!

 (Side note for my fellow Gwynnie Girls, I am wearing the BB Dakota Jaeger Crepon Full Skirt Dress and I loved it. It was super light, comfy, and silky soft. It was a little big so I belted it and added a cardigan but I still got lots of compliments and can’t wait to get the smaller size that I closeted.) 

Back to the meet & make! After we finished our projects we headed, art in hand, to the gif photo booth where we created this little gem… and these… 

Sarah even jumped in on the fun and then I got to chat with her a bit (she also said she had seen my blog before which was pretty cool!) and we took this… 

All in all, it was a fabulous event. I had so much fun and can’t wait to do it again!  



“R” is for…Red or Yellow???

So my dad, always looking out for his little blogger, found this gem that someone was getting rid of and brought it over in his truck the other day. I have big plans for it and it fits perfectly in several little nooks of my kitchen/dining area, just not sure where yet. I’m going to sand it, paint it, and put new hardware on it. I’d be doing that today if it wasn’t raining out, stupid rain always thwarts my plans! (now I hear dad’s voice in my head, “but we NEED the rain!”) Anyway I jut can’t decide what color to paint it. You’ve seen my house, really any bright, high gloss color would match.

So my main dilemma that I need your help with is…RED OR YELLOW? Help!