He’s my person. 

“We are as perfectly matched as two imperfect human beings can be and I love him with all that I have.

I read that somewhere recently…oh right, it was here on my blog. (shameless plug) But it’s so true. As usual, I can’t sleep. And I’m sitting here, watching him snooze peacefully,  (because he of course falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow) his hands folded together, resting on his chest as it slowly rises and falls with each breath…and I just love him so much. I remember before we were married expressing concern about his potential snoring and disruption of my sleep. My mother in law shooed the notion, saying that she loves hearing Daddy snore, it’s comforting and calming. Years later, I realize she was right. You know you really love someone when the loud, rhythmic, “darth vaderlike” sound they emit, caused by vibration of loose tissue in the upper airway, is soothing. That is why, he’s my person. Here’s some other reasons…

I lecture, nag, and scold him (cut me some slack, it’s in the job description. I do lots of good things too) and he takes it and still loves me anyway. He takes it without a negative word or complaint in response, and usually with a smile on his face. (Like in this picture, where I’m pretty sure I’m yelling at him about something…)   

He’s extremely strong. Obviously physically, he’s a big guy and is seriously impressively strong. But he’s strong mentally and emotionally too. He’s endured more than anyone will ever understand but yet exudes a good natured confidence that few can manage.   

He wears whatever I tell hm to. More accurately, whatever is laid out on the bed. He knows that if I’m wearing a pink dress, he will be wearing a pink shirt, tie, socks, or all of the above. He knows that if we go to the beach we will be doing a “white shirt & jeans” photo shoot. And he’s ok with it.   

He got me a puppy. He grew up with dogs but they weren’t like the cuddle with you on the couch kind of dogs, they just sort of lived in the room behind the kitchen, so he was never attached. He didn’t understand the love you can have for a pet and how they really do become your child. Also, dogs eventually die and he doesn’t like death. But I wanted a dog, so he overlooked all of that. Now he absolutely adores Raven, is fiercely protective of her, and let’s her in the bed even when mom says no.   

He’s an awesome son (and totally his mother’s favorite but shhh…)   

My family adores him and he’s not an in-law, he’s a son and a brother. My mother brags about him endlessly and he and my dad have a special bond that makes me tear up every time I watch them together, it’s exactly what I always imagined.

The ladies love him. Three little ones in particular. There’s no one else these girls would rather have to throw them in the pool, carry them around Disney on the throne that is his shoulders, and visit them at school to eat lunch with them and intimidate all the boys who have crushes on them. He may not ever get to display what would be his amazing dad skills in this system of things, but he sure makes one heck of an Uncle Joey.   

Be it “The Fish, “Joey Bananas”, or just Joey, his friends can always count on him for a laugh, a good competitive game of epic duels or pool volleyball, and a listening ear. He considers them more brothers than friends, and they him. 

My friends love him too, I mean look at this guy, who wouldn’t?!  

Just like his father, he’s an extremely hard worker and never complains. 

He makes me laugh. Every. Single. Day. We’ve been through a lot in our eight years of marriage, so laughter has been key to survival. Having a sense of humor is essential, and I’m so blessed that I get to laugh with him for eternity. He’s my person.