Groovy Girl

Feeling a little retro in this IGIGI
Cecilia Dress In Mint Floral from Gwynnie Bee. My mini me had to get in the picture too!



Glamorous Throwback

I had my wisdom teeth out earlier this week and suffice it to say, I have not been up to doing any beauty and the butcher style pictures as I am swollen and bruised and not feeling very glamorous at all. So I decided since it’s Thursday and “Throwback Thursday” is a thing now, I would do a throwback to a day when I was feeling super glamorous, my eight-year-old glamour shot photo shoot. I’ll never forget the day we had them taken. I got home from school, my mom was working, and my sister told me “take a bath we’re going somewhere special” so I quickly took a shower and then my dad took us to the mall and I can still feel the excitement I had as we walked in to the coveted glamour shot storefront. We had always passed it in the mall while shopping and I always knew we probably couldn’t do it because it looked really expensive. But alas, here we were! The woman then proceeded to pamper us, putting makeup on us and fluffing our hair into its full 90’s potential and posed us in all sorts of ridiculous outfits and positions…I LOVED it. Mom met us there when she got off of work and was delighted with what she found. I remember looking at all the prints and ordering what we wanted and could not wait until the day they came in the mail. It was probably one of my most favorite things my parents ever did for us, I guess that was pretty telling for my future…